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This Is The Only Step-by-Step Guide You Need To Learn Fundamentals Of Blockchain Technology To Start Your Career. Learn With Examples Case Studies Now!

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Master All Aspects Of Blockchain Fundamentals To Start Your Career Now


A continuation of our popular Blockchain 101 course, Blockchain Essentials will not only reinforce many of the fundamental ideas of blockchain but also dive into its real world applications. This course is great for those that are interested in switching or about to start their careers at a blockchain or Bitcoin company. We will cover case studies, market growth, and current state of blockchain technology.


  • E-money / bcash - Satoshi's whitepaper
  • What is Bitcoin + Blockchain?
  • Cryptography
  • Storage of value
  • Private key vs. public key
  • Wallets
  • Best practices
  • Pegging info & data - Smart contracts & Ethereum

Defining Qualities of a Blockchain

  • Public v permissioned
  1. POW, POS, etc.
  2. Proof of work - BTC / what miners do?
  • Validating transactions
  • Alternative blockchains
  • Application concepts

How it Is Changing Business

  • Existing products, builds & services - Case studies
  • Remittances (financial & personal)
  • Private or open ledger? Bitcoin or blockchain? Or both?
  • Financial use cases
  • Other professional use cases

Protected Blockchains Capabilities In Business

  • Ethereum Enterprise
  • Hyperledger Fabric / Tools
  • R3 Corda
  • B3i
  • Global regulatory considerations

ETH & Smart Contracts

  • Fundamentals
  1. Why smart contracts are deemed important?
  • Differences to BTC
  • ICO & history
  • Ideas & use cases
  • The DAO and issues AKA learning curves
  • Building a smart contract
  1. "Hello, world" case
  2. Solidity
  3. Dev’ing / specing / network / consensus
  4. Audit + bounties

Cryptocurrency market

  • Exchanges
  • Coins vs cap & their main functions (alts)
  • Challenges within exchanges & pairings
  • Protocols - what makes them different?
  • Store coins on an exchange?
  • Growth in the market

Initial Coin Offerings AKA ICO’s or Token Sales

  • What is an ICO
  • Why are they used
  • State of ICOs
  • Regulatory environment

Basic knowledge
  • Please take our 'Introduction to Blockchain' course here before enrolling this course
  • Anyone who want to gain in depth knowledge in Blockchain Essentials

What will you learn
  • History
  • Defining Qualities of a Blockchain
  • How it Is Changing Business
  • Protected Blockchains Capabilities In Business
  • ETH & Smart Contracts
  • Cryptocurrency Market
  • Initial Coin Offerings AKA ICO’s or Token Sales
Course Curriculum
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