Learning the Essence of Agile

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  • Certificate on Completion
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This course is designed to take you on a journey and provide a holistic view of Agile.

The course will expose you to not only the well known aspects of Agile but also expose you to some of the more recent conversations that are taking place in Agile domain in terms of relevant management principles that are needed for Agile adoption

The key differentiators of this course are that 

  • It covers all key aspects of Agile
  • It aims to take you underneath the covers of Agile and explain the subtle aspects of Agile 
  • Engaging & persuasive course delivery

Basic knowledge


  • Although NOT a MUST, it will be quite HELPFUL, if you have some basic or rudimentary familiarity with how software applications are created
  • If you have very little or no technical background, you should still be able to follow most of the course
  • Someone who is committed to learning about Agile (i.e. NOT someone who is only casually interested in this topic)

What will you learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of Agile
  • Learn the Agile Mindset
  • Learn about the various Agile methodologies
  • Learn about the key structural elements needed to successfully adopt Agile
  • Learn about management practices that are important for successful Agile adoption
  • Learn about the leadership styles that are relevant for successful Agile adoption
  • Gather a holistic view of Agile
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 22 Total Duration: 01:55:14

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