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Learn the 21 Super-Easy Steps to Launch Your Own “Zero Investment Podcast” Globally in Less Than 2 Weeks.

This course is NOT about, “Why” one should start a podcast.

This is about “How” one should start.

If we get into the “Why”, that itself will make for a nice topic for another course.

I am assuming that the student has already taken a decision to start a podcast.

This course is for those who resonate with anyone of the following :

  • I have always wanted to start my own podcast, but I feel overwhelmed. It seems too technical. I am not a coder or an audio editor
  • I have a message to share with the world and I feel podcasting is a medium that would allow me to do that
  • I have always wanted to start my own podcast but for one reason or another, I have been procrastinating on this
  • I want to build my own personal brand online
  • I want to build my own tribe online
  • I want to talk about my product & service offerings and serve my target audience
  • I need to build my own client base and also serve my existing clients with more added value
  • I look at podcasting as a full-time business and I am willing to put in the initial efforts required to build a community
  • I feel podcasting is a far better and an intimate way of engaging with my audience
  • I have an online course and I want to start podcasting to start talking about my offerings and how I can help my audience
  • I have started my own affiliate marketing business and I want to be on the podcasting platform, to generate interest in my products & services, which will allow me to serve people with the products that I genuinely care for and recommend
  • I just want to start a podcast as a hobby and see how it goes. If it works and people find it interesting, I will dedicate more efforts to it
  • I am a Coach / Consultant and I want to start interviewing, not only the experts in field, but also the clients that I have served and who have benefited from my service offerings
  • I want to leave a legacy for my future generations to refer to. I want to be remembered as someone who chose to speak up
  • I want to start talking about the things and the causes that I deeply care for. I want to bring about a positive impact in the lives of the people listening to my podcast
  • I am an Artist and I want to talk about the current trends in my specific niche

Basic knowledge
  • Desire to Learn
  • Willingness to Start a Podcast
  • Willingness to Follow a Disciplined Step-by-Step Process
  • Absolutely No Technical Skills Required

What will you learn
  • Which Podcast Hosting Platform to Choose
  • How to Set the Name of Your Podcast
  • How to Prepare Your Podcast Description
  • How to Prepare Your Podcast Cover Art
  • How to Setup Your Podcast Correctly
  • Which Microphone to Use
  • How to Prepare for the Recording
  • How to Prepare the Guest Questionnaire
  • How to Prepare the Guest Email
  • How to Prepare the Interview Questions
  • How to Script the Intro
  • How to Script the Outline of the Interview
  • How to Script the Outro
  • How to Record the Episode
  • How to Edit the Episode
  • How to Create an Episode
  • How to Prepare the Episode Cover Art
  • How to Prepare the Episode Title
  • How to Prepare the Episode Description
  • How to Script the Show Notes
  • Which Podcast Platforms to List on
  • How to Publish the Podcast
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