Product Design: Sketching and Photoshop Rendering Tutorial

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Step By Step tutorial : Guiding you through the sketching and digital render process.

Would you like a step by step sketching and rendering tutorial ? When I was younger I always wanted someone to take me step by step through the sketching and rendering phase within a design project.

If you're completely new to design and Photoshop, don’t worry this tutorial guides you through the process, enabling you to enhance your designing skills. Unlike other demos the rendering phase isn't sped up it's the real time scale. This course will not only demonstrate the rendering process but explain to you the variable techniques out there and which may be most suitable for you.

Photoshop is commonly used within the industry, it will prove an advantage within the competitive design world if you understand the sketching and rendering process.I will teach you some of the techniques I use when creating digital renders and my personal portfolio.

Basic knowledge

Course Requirements

-A desire to draw and render

-Have a pen and paper

-Have Adobe Photoshop downloaded ( Free Trial will do )

-Have a graphics tablet or ipad connected to laptop/PC

What will you learn

-Basics of sketching

-How to take a traditional sketch and make it appropriate for a digital render ?

-How a designer uses and navigates around Adobe Photoshop ?

-Using paths and layers for a digital render

-Explore rendering techniques and applying shade with different types of brushes

-Detailing and creating an LED effect

Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 01:38:57

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