Master the Economics, Economy & Forms of Market Knowledge

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Welcome to ‘​Master the Economics, Economy & Forms of Market Knowledge' ​course.

In this course, you'll be learning completely about Fundamentals of Economics and Forms of Market from Scratch. So, there are absolutely no prerequisites for this course. If you're a complete beginner, this course is for you.

For ​Economics Fundamentals​, you'll learn:

  • Importance of Economics: Why one should study Economics?
  • Types of Economy: Market & Planned
  • Microeconomics/Macroeconomics & Positive/Normative Economics
  • Marginal Opportunity Course
  • Opportunity Course
  • Production Possibility Curve (PPC) with Movements
  • Central Problems of Economy

For ​Forms of Market​:

  • Perfect Competition
  • Monopoly
  • Imperfect Competition
  • Oligopoly: Types

What ​else​?

  • Case Studies
  • High Order Thinking Skills Questions & Answers

There are a lot of discussions as well. Just come open-minded and you'll be good to go.

Let's get started!

See you inside :)

Who This Course is for:

  • Anyone wanted to enhance his/her knowledge in Economics
  • Anyone curious to know about different market forms

Basic knowledge
  • Absolutely No Prerequisites - Just follow and you'll complete this course with flying colors!

What will you learn
  • Different Forms of Market Prevailing in the Economy
  • Differentiation: Positive/Normative & Micro/Macro
  • Economics
  • Fundamentals & Basics of Economics
  • Case Studies in Oligopoly Market
  • High Order Thinking Skills Q&A
  • Types of Economy: Central & Planned
  • Production Possibility Curve & Opportunity Cost
  • Central Problems of an Economy
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 11 Total Duration: 01:26:49
Manoj jain – June 03, 2020

This course is just amazing the developers of this course are fabulous,the language used is easy to understand that anybody can be a master.

arpit Saini – June 01, 2020

It helped me a lot clear all my confusion related to the economy. And it was great to see this,we need such more course.

Rahul Arora – May 31, 2020

This course good that I had a really good time learning this course. And it made easier for me to understand economics

Parth Gurjar – May 31, 2020

The topics were well explained and the language used was so easy to understand

Pragy Gurjar – May 31, 2020

I had a great experience learning about economic development of the country

Arti Agarwal – May 31, 2020

Masters of economics have tought me to learn a lot

Kush – May 31, 2020

arihant lodha – May 31, 2020

I appreciate the instructor to helped to learn about economy of the county

Nidhi Lodha – May 31, 2020

Great work done by the instructor Need such more courses

Kajal Sharma – May 30, 2020

Monopolistic market I never understood but the features you put in slides are really awesome language is pretty good I can now simply remember that not like typical book words, I liked this course :-]

RING APPRO – May 30, 2020

Though this course covers basics of ECONOMICS but it has covered really very well ALL the basics & now I’m ready to go to other topics without any fear of un-complete knowledge...i recommend taking to learn about economics & forms of market too

Chirag – May 30, 2020

Instructor you’re really awesome teaching about eco i would love to hear more theories about other eco topics i like your explanation please provide me more courses in future thanks

Jai – May 30, 2020

I am happy taking this course of eco it literally made me well ready for now I know everything related to economics basics it's just crystal clear with your explanative point & that markets i thought always hard to remember but now you fit there features in my mind permanently thanks sir!

Jerry – May 30, 2020

Good course sir, our teachers almost take virtual classes in these days of COVID 19 & it’s hard to difficult what they say that time but you made me very well ready by giving quality insights of eco. Thank you so much

Khushjain – May 30, 2020

This is by far the best course I saw on Economics Forms of Market, the instructor has explained amazingly in detail with every point clarity. Case studies in Oligopoly are also nice, whatever my topics are cleared now! I’m prepared for exams