Excel VBA Introduction Series 1

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In this introduction Series we are learning:

  • What is an Excel VBA and how it is programmed in excel.
  • Why we use VBA - Its advantages over manual excel work.
  • What is a VBA Editor- where we write programming language or VBA codes. its important features - full discussion with examples
  • What is a macro editor recording tool.
  • How to start, stop and edit the macros- their full use and other important features useful for beginners
  • What are the limitations of macro recordings.
  • What are the benefits of macro recordings for beginners and how it can be useful in learning the syntaxes fast.
  • Do we need to remember VBA codes, If yes how and if no, then what is the correct way of learning and understanding the coding.
  • Are VBA and macro recording same OR different?
  • Why we need to learn VBA - What is the advantage of VBA over advance Excel. Who can control excel better? 
  • A simple but yet very powerful project to help you in understanding the use of Macro editor and to showcase the power of VBA.
  • Data compile project completion with just a few basic VBA commands. A simple and logical approach discussion. Discussing good approach and bad approach methodologies adapt by beginners in beginning days.
  • Basic range and sheet, data selection syntaxes. Why and how to use the correct and most appropriate syntaxes.
  • What are variables - their definition, use and data types
  • Public, module, local and Global level variables
  • Use of Call keyword with Option Explicit
  • Name the macros and modules - rules to follow
  • What is a personal macro workbook in VBA - its use and advantage over normal this workbook macros
  • How to edit the recorded macros and use in your own projects
  • Discussion on some basic mistakes done by Students initially - Student doubts answered
  • Two assignments for students to monitor the performance.

Basic knowledge
  • Should be well versed with Excel Front end.
  • Should have Ms excel installed on computer 2007 or onward versions - any

What will you learn
  • You will understand the meaning of Excel VBA- programming language used in excel to do the full automation in excel tasks.
  • You will get to know VBA automation scope and advantage of learning it.
  • Basic simple syntax's plus recording of macros.
  • Use of Variables and its data types
  • Questions you may expect in your interview and how to answer them
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