Teach yourself Excel VBA Step by Step

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In this course the author Sam Parulekar, demonstrates common tasks for which macros are used, and walks through the process of creating and running simple macros. This course also covers more advanced topics, including recording a macro in stages, The course wraps up with a macro project brings together each of the elements in a real-world scenario. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the VBA environment
  • Recording macros in stages
  • Writing VBA code
  • Using loops
  • Debugging macros
  • Testing
  • Copying Data from one worksheet to another

Basic knowledge
  • The student should have working knowledge of Excel
  • The student should have a computer with Excel installed (any version will do)

What will you learn
  • Enabling the Developer Tab
  • Writing and running your first Macro Program
  • How to edit a recorded Macro
  • How to perform calculations using Macro
  • Looping Data using Do and For Loop
  • Conditional formatting using Macros
  • Using Cell properties
  • Finding next blank row
  • How to Copy data from one worksheet to another
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Number of Lectures: 16 Total Duration: 01:44:21

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