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  • This course will make you master in Pivots and Charts. From making new pivots to working in existing pivots and modifying them .
  •  Not only pivots but you will also see pivots combinations with arrays and collection loops.
  • Collection loops in PIvots - how to access pivots . How to loop pivot field items and fully control it.
  • This is extremely advance package and designed for all types of students. Everything is discussed from scratch. Have a great learning.
  • How to create new charts in excel.
  • How to work with existing charts in excel. How to go to each of them one by one and do modifications. Any type of modification like changing chart design or editing labels or chart titles etc
  • Loops importance in charts
  • Collection loops of charts - to work with multiple charts in one go
  • Use of other Collection loops with chart collection loops.Loops in Loops.
  • Projects for you to know more about Charts using input-box and range commands- Great case studies.

Basic knowledge

Knowledge of Variables and Collection loops would be an added advantage.

Knowledge of Pivots and Charts is must in Excel Front end.

What will you learn

You will be able to work with charts and pivots in excel using VBA. From making them to modifying them you will learn all.

Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 08:18:01

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