Options 80% Plus Win Rate - Broken Wing Butterfly Strategy

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Are you looking for an Easy to Manage, High Probability Option Strategy that can generate a steady income?

Introducing the High Probability Broken Wing Butterfly! A trade that once put on requires very little trade management. 

In this course, we will explore the Standard Butterfly and learn about it's Risk, Reward and probability of success. Then, Brace Yourself, as we uncover the details of the High Probability Butterfly Spread which is a Great, Reliable Strategy for Income Traders, and Traders who would rather not have to manage their trades very often. 

The Ordinary Butterfly Strategy, with its High Reward, but Low Success Rate may not be an attractive choice for some traders, but with a few modifications we can create an 80% Plus Probability trade that can be an Asset for Any Trader to have in their trading arsenal.  

Basic knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge of Calls, Puts, Credit Spreads and Debit Spreads makes it easier to understand this course
  • Access to a Sim or Live Trading Platform and Risk Graph Analyzer to practice your own trade setups based on examples in this course can accelerate your understanding of the course material

What will you learn
  • Learn Why and When the Balanced Butterfly Spread is used, and understand the different placements, strikes and choices for this versatile Option Strategy
  • See Trade Examples to help you understand how to analyze a chart setup to determine the Best strikes to use for a High Probability Broken Wing Butterfly Trade
  • Learn how modifying the placement and strikes of the Broken Wing Butterfly can allow you to take advantage of different market conditions
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 12 Total Duration: 01:18:20

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