Portfolio Management and the Capital Asset Pricing Model

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This course has been designed for students studying Corporate Finance at the under-graduate or post-graduate level.

The topics covered are - Portfolio theory, Capital Asset Pricing model theory and Miller and Modigliani theory.

Basic knowledge
  • First year in Accountancy

What will you learn

Students will learn how to calculate risk and return for a portfolio and a single asset investment.

Also learn how to construct a Portfolio, CAPM and Miller Modigliani diagrams.

  • Construct portfolios for two projects and calculate their risk and expected return
  • Graphically illustrate the combination of two or more portfolios
  • Explain the derivation and rationale of the Capital Market Line
  • Explain why diversification lowers risk and the meaning of Beta
  • Explain the difference between the Capital Market Line and the Security Market Line
  • Construct the Security Market Line
  • Explain the difference between expected and required return
  • Discuss the limitations of CAPM for capital budgeting decisions
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 9 Total Duration: 04:48:46

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