Applied Mechanics Or Engineering Mechanics

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The idea behind this course is to provide a very concise but effective approach towards Engineering Mechanics (called Applied Mechanics in many countries) for fresher engineering students. The scope of the course is explained in detail in the first lecture which is free for preview (Along with some other lectures).

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of trigonometric parameters
  • Vector addition and multiplication
  • Fundamentals of high school physics

What will you learn
  • Fundamentals of engineering mechanics
  • Resolution of force, moment and couple, System of forces
  • Equilibrium of rigid bodies, Free body diagram, support reactions, Triangle law, Lami's theorem
  • Trusses and frames
  • Conservation of energy and principle of momentum, D'Alembert's principle, law of restitution
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 25 Total Duration: 01:06:12
Prayag Sen – April 08, 2021

Clears some very basic concepts.Good

Stephen Lowe – March 08, 2021

I really enjoyed this course.

Samira Bouhli – January 28, 2021

Gabriella Maaren – January 01, 2021

Content was very good and easy to follow. The speaker has a bit of an accent that can be initially difficult to understand. I would recommend this course as an introduction. It is quick and covers the basics.

Megg Godwin – November 24, 2020

John Toner – October 01, 2020

This course has provided with with a refresher of some basic fundamentals of engineering mechanics that I had forgotten.