A Mini Guide to Grow Taller Vol-1

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Through out this course you will learn the tips such as

Get enough vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps you grow stronger bones and promotes muscle growth in children. A deficiency of vitamin D has been linked to stunted growth and even weight gain in teenage girls, a recent study has found.

Foods rich in vitamin D include oily fish, mushrooms, and fortified cereals.

Sunlight is the best way to get Vitamin D naturally. You only need a few minutes of sun exposure a day to get the right amount. Make sure that your skin is exposed to the sun.

Get plenty of calcium. Again, there is little direct evidence between calcium and getting taller, but calcium is an essential ingredient in helping you grow strong bones which are important for growth. Most of your calcium will come from dairy products. It is recommended that boys and girls aged

9-18 should consume the equivalent of three cups (or 1,300 mg) of calcium-rich dairy foods a day.

Basic knowledge
  • No need of prior knowledge
  • Interest to learn and take action is necessary
  • Time and Commitment

What will you learn
  • Tips and Various Strategies to Grow Taller
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