Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Emergency Preparation with Key to Prevention & Survival

The 2nd wave of covid-19 was unexpected. We are seeing more people become the victims of this deadly virus. It is up to us to take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread. This course will help you understand this deadly virus and also the tips that you can implement to prevent the spread of covid-19.

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Take necessary steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19


We had been struck by this Global Pandemic called Novel Corona Virus disease since early 2020. Right now it has already claimed over 3 million lives affecting more than 150 million people in over 210 countries worldwide as of May 2021. This disaster has brought entire humanity & its economy to its knees. Since no definitive treatment method has been established to fight COVID-19, our only survival lies on the knowledge of prevention & planning a track out of the economic crisis that ensues.

This course is exactly based on those Principles & Concepts of Prevention & Survival of COVID-19. Here students will be able to learn the exact Prevention Techniques as a part of 'Personal Emergency Preparedness' to avoid COVID-19 infection & specific Survival Planning & Strategies to overcome COVID-19 infection if they do get one as a part of 'Disaster management' & return to normal life early.

It will also aid you in understanding the Socio-Economic impact of this pandemic and equip you to be more prepared, empowered & future-ready for the upcoming growing industries as you step into the Post Corona world as a part of 'Crisis management'.

This course has three modules and further sub-divided into 9 chapters covering more than 80 topics about this COVID-19 pandemic. It has an updated factual content written lucidly with a lot of info-graphics for easier understanding of everyone.

Additionally you will also get a free E-book as a downloadable resource herewith as a token of thanks, that covers all the 80 topics in further details with over 50 reference links as downloadable resources for further reading and research work.

This will give you a multi-dimensional insight & a 360 degree view of the whole COVID-19 situation and I strongly believe that it will answer all your questions & you will have a great intuitive learning experience.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of the English language & digital literacy is enough
  • All that is needed is curiosity & excitement to know more about COVID-19

What will you learn
  • Personal Emergency Preparedness & Planning with respect to COVID-19
  • Pandemic Disaster Management & Planning with regards to Coronavirus Disease
  • Socio-Economic Crisis Management & Planning with respect to COVID-19
  • Origin, Nomenclature, Structure, and Transmission of novel Corona Virus
  • Disease process, Clinical features, diagnostic methods & medical management of COVID-19
  • Who is at higher risk & how to do a self-assessment?
  • Concepts of Endemic, Epidemic & Pandemic
  • Stages of Pandemic & its prevention
  • Concepts of Mitigation, Containment & Flattening the curve
  • Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Guidelines by WHO
  • Hand Hygiene, Cough etiquette, and social distancing
  • Usage of PPE & Face masks
  • Decontamination & waste management
  • Screening and Triage
  • Dietary recommendations to boost immunity
  • Role of regular Physical exercises in preventing COVID-19
  • Lifestyle changes for prevention
  • Breathing techniques to prevent & overcome Coronavirus infection
  • Self-assessment of lung function
  • Previous Coronavirus outbreaks & how were they contained
  • COVID-19 vaccine updates
  • Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19
  • The secret message of Mother Nature
  • The life lessons we have learned
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 01:35:26

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