Hadoop Installation | Hadoop for Beginners | Install Hadoop on Your Own System

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As people struggle to understand the theory and sometimes get confused to acquire, implement the correct guidelines. This course reduces the learning time when major parts of program practically tell you what system resource you need, where to get the software from and how to connect this everything gradually, As it includes the direct links from where you can get Cloudera, VMware player, Ubantu, Apache, Spark, etc.

The entire focus of this course is on complete Hadoop installation, not on the Hadoop administration. Although you will pick up some administration aids along the way.

Basic knowledge
  • All you need, Zeal to learn Hadoop, basic understanding of operating systems
  • This course is designed for Beginners who want to do hands-on of Hadoop on their own system

What will you learn

Your system will have working Hadoop system

It’s a no-theory Hadoop installation program which is highly emphasized on Practical description. Throughout practical demonstration is the solid foundation of this course. This course is made in a way that the audience will learn the best possible and easiest way of installation. A practically dedicated course that helps you to understand the installation of Hadoop from scratch along with its sub-projects like Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, SQOOP, Flume, HBase on your own system.

  • Hive: Hive works on structured and semi-structured data sets and gives Hadoop the capabilities so that it can work like SQL
  • PIG: Apache pig is one of the versatile tools which can work on all most every-kind of data structured, unstructured, and semi-structured. PIG utilizes pig-Latin, which is very easy to learn and incorporate
  • SQOOP: SQOOP is made-up of two words; SQL+Hadoop. SQOOP helps the user to fetch big data, to HDFS system from any RDBMS. Hence SQOOP can fetch only structured data
  • FLUME: Flume is the tool which can use to fetch any kind of data from any storage device to HDFS except RDBMs
  • HBASE: HBase is one of the NO-SQL Database which is the part of the Hadoop ecosystem and help in storing any kind of data in HDFS
  • SPARK: Spark is one of the fastest data processing tool available very much like Hadoop, It works on distributed computing and utilizes in-memory processing techniques
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 12 Total Duration: 01:29:14

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