Raspberry Pi Powered Smart Mirror

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This course is meant as a active learning/DIY project to learn the basics of scripting languages, while working on something fun.

This course will focus upon teaching you to setup and build your own smart mirror display. This involves creating and coding a custom web page and hosting it on a Raspberry Pi using the Apache HTTP server application.

To learn how to build your own magic mirror, we will first focus on writing a base HTML script for the website, and adding basic elements - a clock, a periodically updating news feed, and a periodically updating weather feed, to it. Once this is done, we will create a cascading style sheet (CSS) doc and customize our web page to give us the required display for a smart mirror.

 This course involves the use of basic concepts from multiple programming languages. We will be using JavaScript to program the clock display. We will also be using PHP for the two RSS feeds - news and weather. Finally, we will put all this together in our HTML script and edit the presentation of our HTML document using a CSS file to make the display visible through a partially mirrored surface.

Basic knowledge
  • You should know how to setup and work on a Raspberry Pi
  • You should understand basic Linux commands and utilities
  • Rudimentary knowledge of HTML and CSS is necessary to understand the project and to develop the project further
  • Elementary knowledge of JavaScript and PHP code is also necessary if you wish to understand and develop/modify the project

What will you learn
  • Setup their very own Raspberry Pi powered smart mirror
  • Write basic HTML and CSS code for a smart mirror web page hosted on an Apache 2 HTTP server
  • Write JavaScript code to create a digital clock element for aforementioned web page
  • Write PHP code to read and display RSS feeds
  • Setup Chromium browser on the Raspberry Pi to autostart on boot
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 00:59:13

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