HR Best Practices: How Top Companies Engage and Retain Manpower

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"Learn Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies From Certified Human Resources Professionals"

Vishal Singh Jadon & Shubhi Saxena are Certified HR Professionals and this course has been created for those who want to Acquire, Develop & Retain The Best Performing Employees.

Top Companies like Google & Microsoft offer amazing benefits to their employees, and this is what helps them in retaining them easily. Discover the strategies used by top companies for employee engagement and retention in this course.

This course is designed by Certified Human Resource Professionals with one aim- to help you retain the top performing employees so that your business can grow and succeed.

Human Resources (HR) Department & Talent Management team are responsible for engaging and retaining the manpower in the company. They follow certain practices to do this. That's exactly what you will learn in this course. 

Here's What You Will Gain From This Course:

  • Practical, Useful Tips to Hire Perfect Employees
  • 2 Most Useful Strategies For Understanding Employee's Needs & Fulfilling Them
  • Learn Management Practices To Retain Good Employees
  • Discover Human Resources (HR) & Talent Management Practices Used By Top Business Giants like GOOGLE & MICROSOFT
  • Learn About Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Employee Motivation

This Course is Ideal For:

  • Human Resources (HR) Professionals, Graduates & Interns
  • Business Owners
  • Start-up Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Top Level Management Staff
  • New Managers & Supervisors
  • Talent Acquisition Professionals
  • Talent Management Staff
  • Those Who Have Interest in HR Practices & Management Skills

Basic knowledge
  • No Prior Knowledge or Experience Required (We Will Start From Basics)
  • Internet Connection Will Be Required To Watch The Lectures
  • Basic Understanding of English Language
  • Willingness to Learn

What will you learn
  • HR Practices for Employee Engagement
  • Ideas From Google, Microsoft To Engage Employees & Also Retain Them
  • 2 Most Useful Strategies For Understanding Employee's Needs & Mindset
  • Understand Talent Acquisition
  • Tips for Recruiting Best Employees
  • Talent Management Responsibilities & Steps Involved in it
  • Strategies to Retain Top Performing Employees in The Company
  • Tips to Satisfy Manpower & Cut Costs on Re-Hiring & Recruiting
  • Employee Retention Techniques 

By The End of This Course You Will:

  • Learn & Be Able To Apply To Most Powerful Retention Strategies in the Company
  • Have Clear Understanding About Talent Management & Steps Involved in it
  • Perform Responsibilities of HR & Conduct Human Resources Best Practices
  • Understand the Employees Mindset & Fulfill The Needs
  • Become a Better Manager & Keep Your Employees Happy & Motivated
  • Cut Down Costs in the Business By Retaining Top Employees
  • Fulfill Your Responsibilities as a Part of Talent Management or Human Resources (HR) Department
  • Know The Benefits Offered By Top Companies & How They Retain Employees
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 26 Total Duration: 01:52:19

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