Advanced Persuasion Techniques through Conversational Hypnosis

Want To Grow Your Business Or Career? With This Course Master How To Influence People And Get The Results You Want From Them! Master Powerful Patterns Today.

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Conversational Hypnosis: Learn How To Control The Way People Listen And Follow You


Welcome the world of covert influence through hypnotic language!

Imagine having the exact knowledge and key elements, that can help you easily influence people and get the results you want from them!

“Imagine this scenario"…….

You want to grow your business or career, want to win that important deal that can get you the promotion and appreciation from colleagues. You want to be popular and the 'go-to' person that everyone likes.

You start using techniques and language that dramatically change the way people listen and follow learn Conversational Hypnosis and methods to install suggestions in others that even they are not aware !!

All the while, they have no idea what happened or what you said but they remember your interaction for a lifetime.

Imagine how your world is changing faster and in ways much much better than you envisioned. How would that be? What possibilities would that open up? How good would your relationships become?

IN THIS COURSE, you'll learn the concepts of how the mind works and processes information. You will also learn the secret tools to take someone into a 'open-eye' trance - where they are talking to you and yet in a trance that lets you take control of their mind.

IN THIS COURSE, you will also learn hypnotic language patterns which allows you to conversationally and secretly slip your ideas into their mind.

They will not only accept and agree with your ideas, but they'll do so for their own reasons, meaning you'll face very little resistance. You can use these powerful patterns in all settings. Social, sales, romance, anywhere!

You'll learn the basic structures of human communication, what vague language is, and how to use it more effectively get your ideas across.

This course is perfect for anybody who needs to communicate with others and get their ideas accepted without resistance. Perfect for salespeople, parents, couples, anybody that uses language and needs to convince others of anything.

This is one of the most comprehensive courses on conversational hypnosis and include several language patterns that work magic in your communication. The topics are explained in a simple language with many examples and demonstrations that would help you learn quickly and easily.

Even if you never intend on selling anything to anybody, the language patterns you'll learn in this course will help you to more easily get your ideas across to others in way that they'll get accepted.

This course is ideal for salespeople, and anybody interested in increasing their social confidence and charisma.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of English and using PC at a beginner level
  • Keen interest in learning and using psychology to generate results in career and personal life
  • A burning desire to practice and practice to master techniques and influence people to get desired results !!!

What will you learn
  • How to get better results in business and personal life by being able to influence people better
  • The course will teach scientific methods of using language and speaking style that will cast a hypnotic spell on listeners and install suggestions in their mind
  • The course will also teach techniques to deal with resistance and objections by listeners. The techniques can be applied in any format of communication: Written as well as Oral
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 03:01:25

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