Internet Of Things: Automatic email IOT development using NodeMCU

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INTERNET OF THINGS is the latest technology in the market which can be used to control work, labs, homes & office premises by enabling appliances and devices to become live on internet. IOT is capturing world technological market by enabling devices to connect to internet and becoming trillion dollar industry. With the current advancement in IOT, it is possible to convert imagination into reality with recently launched of low cost IOT modules. IOT is a practical approach which is creating a new trend in life of people. Welcome to the world of Internet of things.

In this course, IOT based sensor acquisition & automatic email system is discussed in very details. Just imagine a vending machine which can email to its vendor whenever any of its slots is going to empty, means machine has the capability to login to your email account, draft an email and send it without human presence. This course contains detail lectures which helps programmer to write code to introduce such capabilities in the any machine (it can be washing machine, vending machine, microwave oven or any other appliance).   

It is also helpful in creating product for intruder/stolen vehicle, performance detection of appliances like Air conditioner, washing machine etc.

Here learner will get knowledge of coding for sensor data acquisition, email drafting and sending, and detail instructions of how to include this IOT capability into any machine.  


Basic knowledge
  • There is no pre-requisite of this course as everything will be provided from basic level to advance level

What will you learn
  • Ready to work in IOT industries with Expert level knowledge
  • Gain knowledge of Email based IOT product development
  • Learn sensor development and data acquisition
  • Planning of IOT ecosystem for IOT Email based projects
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 9 Total Duration: 00:45:30

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