Learn Microsoft Azure IOT with ESP8266 & Microsoft Power BI

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Interested in Internet of things using a hands-on approach using a real sensor (not simulated fake IOT data) then this is your course.

If you wish to learn Azure with a IOT hardware then this is your course!

Benefits of this course -

  • Learn Azure IOT using a hardware which you can easily use
  • Present a working IOT demo for your client and supervisor, share the demo via your blog,website or social media
  • Build a UseCase for Azure IOT in your job
  • Use PowerBI for a IOT dashboard which can be shared across for analytics
  • Start your career transformation towards digital skills
  • Learn Hardware boards like ESP8266 (Microsoft approved chip) to be used in Azure cloud
  • Support from MieRobot via Simpliv QA forum to help you reach your goals

This course has been created by MieRobot which is a 2 years old Startup and has trained thousand of students in area of Industry 4.0.

Top internet review comment

"Yes, the course till now is gret for someone who is diving into the world of IOT. This gives you Idea not only how things work but also from where you can buy the tools necessary to get your hand dirty......"

You can complete this course in less than $12 dollars, hardware items are:

  • ESP12E NodemCU board - less than $5
  • 400 point bread board and wires - less than $4
  • DHT 11 or DHT22 sensor - less than $2

This course is divided into following sections:

  • Section 1 : Introduction and plan of action, things needed, how to source hardware and software, brief on cloud computing
  • Section 2: Hardware and electronics section
  • Section 3: Azure IOT concepts and Azure hands-on lab
  • Section 4: Power BI and Power BI hands-on lab, testing
  • Section 5: Bonus section

This course will be supported by QA and also regularly updated. 

Basic knowledge
  • Access to free or pay as you go Azure cloud + Power BI web access (gmail donot work with PowerBI)
  • A laptop and needed hardware (ESP8266 + Sensor -DHT11 Or DHT22)
  • Broadband Internet connection as we will connect to Azure
  • Strong will to finish the course, Basic coding skills in C
  • Download free edition of Arduino IDE and Visual studio code community version (both are free)

What will you learn
  • Build a Proof of concept with "real" sensor over Azure IOT
  • Learn Azure IOT hub, Add device to IOT Hub
  • Learn Azure Stream analytics job
  • Use Visual studio code to deploy code into ESP8266
  • Learn about the famous ESP8266 ESP12E IoT board
  • Learn about GPIO, Serial & parallel communications in electronics
  • Use Power BI app to configure a report using Azure dataset from our sensor
  • Share the IOT report created over social media, email and web
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 30 Total Duration: 02:23:09
Christian Dickey – February 24, 2021

It's an interesting course for basic IoT, good to learn about Azure and Power BI, but doesn't explain all the code for ESP8266 communication with Azure, it's not a problem if you are familiar with Arduino programming.