Conversational Italian for Beginners

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Easy to follow and Italian lessons taught in bite sized chunks that are fun and easy to follow. Each section will add to the previous knowledge and in just a few weeks you'll be amazed at your progress. 

My beginners Italian course focuses on spoken Italian. I do just touch on some basic written to help you understand how we Italians think. That said 95% of the course is spoken. 

My course is aimed at complete beginners of any age and has a 100% success rate.  Students I started with are great friends today and almost all of them are still with me or in contact today. They started with absolutely no experience and now speak it with great confidence.

By the end of the beginners course you'll know enough to be understood and converse with any Italian; certainly more than enough to feel confident when ordering, saying hello, getting introductions, and early conversation. If you are travelling to Italy or want to impress friends then this course is perfect for you. 

My method of teaching focuses on every day situations that you will face when visiting Italy. For example 10% of your time will be in a restaurant or coffee shop ordering refreshments and food. So I've structured the lessons in such a way that you'll know how to order. 5% will be travelling around, so we will explore directions, asking where the toilet is, checking into a hotel and so on. You can see how the course is structured by looking at the content below.

Basic knowledge
  • Students with no prior knowledge of Italian

What will you learn
  • Basic phonics to read simple Italian words and phrases
  • Greetings and introductions
  • How to order food and drinks at a cafè and/or restaurant
  • How to ask and tell the time and phrases to travel on public transport
  • To ask for directions
  • To recognise currency and ask for prices of items
  • To check-in at a hotel, book a room or make simple requests to reception
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 25 Total Duration: 02:24:05

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