Dynamic Programming Problems: Top 10 Algorithms Asked In Interview Questions

Are You One Of Those Developers Who Hate Whiteboard Coding Interviews & Want To Get Better? This Tutorial is Just For You. Master The Algorithm Interview Questions You Will Face.

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A Complete Guide To Ace Your Upcoming Whiteboard Coding Interview


Preparing for a job interview is no easy task, and it becomes manifold harder when you have a whiteboard coding interview coming up. A lot of developers straight up confess they are bad at (or even hate) them. If you are one of these developers and if you want to get better, this tutorial is just for you. Have a glimpse into the algorithm interview questions that you'll most probably face in your next job interview.

Learn the Most Common Dynamic Programming Interview Questions.

In this tutorial, you will see various dynamic programming problems and solutions. You will go through several 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional dynamic programming problems. You will learn how to derive the recurrence relation and write a recursive solution to it. Then you will write a dynamic programming solution to the challenge and – in the span of just a few minutes – code it!

By the end of this tutorial, you will be entirely prepared for a whiteboard coding interview. You will know how to focus on complex algorithm-related questions that require deep and focused thinking and a good grasp of the concepts of problem-solving. That is, you will learn how to handle algorithm interview questions will ease and confidence so that no dynamic programming interview questions will knock you off.

To accomplish this, you will have to develop a strong intuition on how to solve new and novel problems. Therefore, this course will provide you with dynamic programming problems and solutions and a lot of powerful tools that will help you ace your coding interview. You will solve complex problems until you gain that intuition and be able to walk into a real meeting confidently.

This Tutorial Was Created By Analyzing Real Algorithm Interview Questions.

The problems in this tutorial have been constructed and created by handpicking real dynamic programming interview questions, by combing through hundreds of interviews and handpicking the most common and eye-widening cases interviewees have been presented with.

These questions come from several tech companies, from new up-and-coming startups to massive corporate enterprises such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft. The issues you will encounter in this tutorial are hard because beneath them hide complex problems involving profound concepts in the quest to learn how to solve dynamic programming. When you know how to solve them, you will develop an intuition that will help you approach new dynamic programming interview questions you have never encountered. Your mind will become a powerful tool, ready to use all the tricks you have learned here.

Tutorial for Beginners with a Background on Recurrences

This comprehensive video tutorial will show you how to approach and solve on the spot any new dynamic programming problems you might encounter and answer all the algorithm interview questions.

Each lecture will begin with an introduction – what you need to solve – and will move on to explaining the intuitions that hide behind the question (with graphic examples). Then you will learn the concepts and tricks that will help you solve the problem. So you can see that by having dynamic programming problems and solutions together, you will not only be able to learn but also test yourself.

So if you are a beginner and don't know where to start, if the prospect of a whiteboard coding interview scares you - do not worry anymore. This tutorial will teach you real algorithm interview questions to provide you with the intuition that will help you tackle any new problem you might encounter.

Basic knowledge
  • You should have a slight background on recurrences

What will you learn
  • How to code a dynamic programming solution
  • How to solve frequent 1D and 2D dynamic programming problems
  • How to come up with a dynamic programming solution
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