Rapid Highcharts

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A hands-on guide to visualizing your data in exquisite and interactive charts using the Highcharts JavaScript library.

The Rapid Highcharts video course goes all the way from configuring a simple pie chart to creating a dashboard full of charts that interact with your user interface. You will learn how to process your data, how to create different chart types, and which chart type is best to visualize your data.

The video course sets the stage by first introducing you to a dashboard theme, which progressively grows with the inclusion of each different chart type. After exploring the basic features of Highcharts, you will quickly create your first chart to get to grips with the subject. Chart types from simple line charts to pie charts and heat maps to geographical maps will be covered throughout this course, demonstrating the interesting ways in which data can be represented. Once the charts are created, you will add interactive features such as drilldown and exporting functionality and learn how to load data from different sources on the Internet to display in your charts.

This video course will get you started with creating charts by covering important features that will allow you to create a wide variety of charts to make the users of your web application comprehend their data easily.

About the Author

Tom Hombergs is a software engineer based in Germany who has worked on software projects for more than 10 years. He has broad experience in web technologies with a focus on Java and JavaScript. He is the creator of Wicked Charts, bringing the power of the Highcharts JavaScript library to Java programmers.

Tom is currently employed at adesso AG in Dortmund, Germany, working as a project lead and software architect on various projects.

Basic knowledge
  • You should be acquainted with some basic HTML and JavaScript in order to follow the hands-on exercises

What will you learn
  • Discover the datetime feature and let Highcharts do the work of automatically creating date labels for your data
  • Create a theme to make all your charts look alike and to avoid repeating the same configurations again and again in each chart
  • Develop a heat map that displays your data in a way that you can easily identify hot spots
  • Create a map chart that displays your data spread over a geographical map of the world, a country, or another geographical unit
  • Prepare a stock chart that displays stock market data
  • Make your charts interactive by adding drilldown functionality that allows navigation through different charts going from general to specific data
  • Connect your charts with other UI elements of your web application like form input fields to let the user configure their own charts
  • Export your charts into different file formats for ease of use
  • Load data in real time to make dynamic “live ticker” charts that update every couple of seconds
  • Learn about the resources available for supporting your work with Highcharts
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 14 Total Duration: 01:09:40

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