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The concept of change can be unsettling. Many of us would prefer to shy away from changes no matter whether they are big or small. However, change is an integral part of your personal development journey and for the most part should be embraced.

Change touches all aspects of life, but embracing change in your career, can contribute enormously towards positive personal development.

Why do some people seem to glide gently through all the changes life throws at them, while others get upset if they have to change even their breakfast cereal?

The key is in how you view change, and your level of acceptance of uncertainty.

There is plenty of evidence that what we find most stressful as human beings is uncertainty, not change in itself. Even the most difficult life events, such as divorce or marital separation, can be more stressful in terms of the uncertainty.

Very often, it’s not the event, but the worry about ‘what will I do?’, or ‘how will the children cope?’ that people find hard. But there are some simple skills that you can develop that will help you to manage change in your own life, whether through work or life events.

Each section of this training will include actions steps for you to take. These actions will take you through each step of your journey to successful change and goal achievement. All change and goal achievement begins from within. When you want to change anything in your life you need to work on your confidence, competence, communications, cooperation and create your action steps. These are the five main steps in the process of completing your journey to goal achievement, creating habits, and undergoing change. 

As you work through this training you will build upon each step until you have been successful. This training will work for any change you want to make and any goal you want to achieve.

In the end, you will proudly say to yourself that you are the one who has shaped your character and existence. 

  • Your world is constantly changing and if you let it change you, you will always be impacted by external forces
  • You have to take the reins and try to own the responsibility of changing yourself  
  • By changing from within, you can radically change the outside world

Change from within is more substantial and meaningful.  

Likewise, you can put yourself in control of your destiny if you will take the initiative to change and improve ourselves from within. Follow the action steps in this training to build upon your desire for change and learn to implement successfully. 

Basic knowledge
  • Personal development
  • An understanding that change is required for anything new in life.

What will you learn
  • Change touches all aspects of life, but embracing change in your career, can contribute enormously towards positive personal development.
  • Each video has action steps to complete your personal change and reach your goals. The project can be completed as you move through the training. You can repeat this activity for whatever change you want to make in your life
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