Self-love: Healing Mind & Emotions

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Self-love is necessary to bring in desired transformation in one self & one's life. This course is designed to help you enhance your Self -love with the help of mind & emotions techniques. Self-love can happen only when you can forgive & accept yourself completely & unconditionally. This course will enable you to do this easily.

Moreover, this uniquely designed course will erase painful memories from your life & empower you to eliminate patterns of stress, depression & anxiety . Thus, you will live & enjoy a life full of happiness, peace & wellness.

Furthermore, this course will help you to attract a life you love by aligning your inner world with your life goals & bringing in advantageous inner self transformation.

The SEVEN most powerful & effective mind & emotions tools will take you to the next level of life.

Basic knowledge
  • No specific requirement
  • Practice techniques in a quiet & peaceful place to get utmost benefit

What will you learn
  • Seven mind & emotions techniques that will change your life completely
  • To bring complete positive transformation in personality
  • To enhance Self-love & Self-confidence
  • To enhance Self-acceptance & Self-forgiveness capacity
  • To heal & re-imprint the patterns of depression, anxiety & stress
  • To eliminate unproductive & painful memories
  • To achieve Wellness: Healing of body, mind & soul
  • To live in Peace of mind & enhance Focus
  • To enjoy Blissful relationships
  • To become a Magnetic Personality
  • To attract Compelling future
  • Easy & Effective Goals Materialization
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 11 Total Duration: 01:06:08
Medical Sanjay – July 19, 2019

This is brilliant, loved the techniques on how to calm our mind, and to overcome any kind stress or anxiety or depression or pain. Loved very much the instructor's soothing voice, great clarity, and her guided technique, and meditation is the BEST. Thanks again for making such a magical video, a solution to all worldly problems.