Amazon Alexa 101: Publishing Alexa Skills Without Coding!

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App

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August 15th ,2019 - Updated content for new Amazon developer console and New Amazon Alexa App Store .

*** This is the FIRST comprehensive online course on Alexa Skills Development WITHOUT coding***

Why this course?

Welcome to this comprehensive Alexa Skill Development course. You want to learn how to develop skills without coding for Amazon's Alexa? This course is for you.

This is the perfect time to learn Alexa Skill Development. Soon there will be lot of demand for Alexa Skill Developers, as many companies wants to add Alexa voice control to their products and services.

This Alexa Skill tutorial teaches required skills to become Alexa Skill Developer without having to code. This course covers almost all features of Alexa Skills with real-world example skills (including a published skill).

After completing this course, you should be able to build any Alexa skill.

The "Real" Goal for this course

The real goal of this course is to get you capable enough to understand the complexities that go behind designing and creating the voice user interfaces. In that way, you will understand what all pieces are required to build a voice app.

Enroll Now and begin to shape the brand new voice activated world!

How this course is structured?


  • Getting Started
  • Alexa And User responses (Basics)
  • Storing User Input in Variables
  • Sound Export from Dropbox and audio player
  • Google Spreadsheets integration (JSON API)


  • How to use live tweets from twitter and integrate it with Alexa
  • Different Variable Slots and Its uses
  • Getting Real Time User Feedback from AirTable
  • Trivia Quiz
  • ISP and Monetisation from Alexa Skills


  • Publishing Your Alexa Skill in Amazon US and other countries.
  • Monitoring and Data analysis
  • 5 Publishing Secrets for Top Alexa Skills And Tips For Getting Featured
  • Flash Briefing Skill (For Advanced Users)

I am not affiliated to Amazon Alexa or GetStoryline.

Basic knowledge
  • There are no prerequisites for this course

What will you learn
  • Publishing Alexa Skills in Amazon US and other countries
  • Create your own custom skills for Amazon Echo devices
  • 100% Satisfaction: This course has a 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Learn how to create a basic conversation between Amazon Alexa and a user
  • Creating Trivia quizzes
  • Creating a flash briefing skill
  • Exporting Sounds from dropbox and audio players
  • Creating and Storing user input in variables
  • JSON API integration using google spreadsheets
  • Using live tweets from twitter and integrating it with Alexa
  • Getting Real Time User Feedback from AirTable
  • Monetise from alexa skills and earn profits
  • After finishing this course, you should gain full mastery of creating and publishing Amazon Alexa Skills without coding
  • 5 Publishing Secrets for Top Alexa Skills And Tips For Getting Featured
  • Monitoring and Data analysis for your Alexa App
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 02:06:59

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