Artificial Intelligence in FinTech

FinTech Startups Are Aggressivly Using Machine Learning And Data Science Applications. This Course Gives You the Skills FinTech Companies Are Looking For.

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Artificial Intelligence


In recent years, explosion of data, inexpensive computing power and developments in big data processing infrastructure have led to increased use of Machine Learning in all industries. So, financial services incumbents as well as FinTech startups are using Machine Learning and Data Science to improve business economics and maintain/create their competitive advantage. Since data volume is only expected to increase in this digital world, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are expected to get ubiquitous in the coming years with wide range of implications for FinServ and FinTech companies.

This course is recommended for anyone who is interested in learning about application of AI and ML in the financial services industry.

At the end of this course, you will be familiar with basic concepts of ML and AI and appreciate how they are being used in the Financial Services industry.

Basic knowledge
  • Anyone Interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in FinTech
  • Anyone interested in Exploring AI

What will you learn

This course will cover:

  • Basic concepts related to Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • History of Machine Learning and AI in Financial Services and FinTech
  • Closer look at several ML and AI financial services use cases (B2B and B2C)
  • Future trends and its potential impact to the financial services industry - including job displacement and new career options
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 8 Total Duration: 01:36:23

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