Linear Algebra For Machine Learning

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This course is a series of video by Ayokunle Olaniyi, a global trainer in coding ,machine learning, secure coding,iso 27001,27032,Azure and AWS.

The series is about the essentials of "linear algebra in machine learning"

This is a series of videos for people who interested in learning Machine Learning,ML. It begins with several videos on linear algebra necessary to build a solid foundation in Python and imported libraries were invoked to solve mathematical problems that are ordinarily regarded as complex .Several lines of codes would be written to solve this particular problem in other languages online in Python where just a line of code would be written to do all the complex thing. Topics range from Numpy , vectors,matrices ,operations, sensors, factorization to statistics.

Beyond this series , you should look up for our other series in this course to lead to solid path to Complete Machine Learning.

Basic knowledge
  • High school maths
  • Basics of Programming

What will you learn
  • Basics of machine learning using python and its libraries
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 4 Total Duration: 00:58:27

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