Object Detection using Machine Learning

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Machine learning is an exponential technology from IBM Watson, SIRI, self driving car which are taking on the world and artificial neural network is heart of it. Object Detection is an essential technique for artificial visualization in Robotics, AI Sensory tools and many more. But the problem is Object detection with your own dataset is simply not taught at university.

So where do you learn them?

Well, online training is good option, and that's why we had a look at some of the Tensorflow object detection courses available online right now and what we found was that you all have solid background in computer science or mathematics to understand what's going on and none of the course was robust in structure.

That's why we developed fully practical oriented course where non technical person can also train the tensorflow model. With your own dataset, This course will help you to detect your own object from the surroundings.

The first thing I have focused on is a robust structure navigating a complex topic with training your own dataset. This course won't required any coding background. All types of students can learn this course. Anyone can change their existing domain with computer vision.

The course is broken down into practical sections like,

1. Tensorflow introduction to latest framework 2021

2. Tensorflow CPU installation with anaconda

2a. Tensorflow GPU installation with NVIDIA Toolkit and CUDNN library (optional)

3. Dataset preparation using Kaggle's dataset or custom dataset

4. Image annotation to perform faster RCNN algorithm

5. Conversion to TFRECORD for input pipeline

6. Training your own model with tensor board visualization

7. Deployment of your trained model on Android application, web application and Realtime application

Basic knowledge
  • No programming experience needed. You will learn everything that you need to know.
  • This course is for all students (Technical and Non Technical).
  • Spoon feeding course.

What will you learn
  • Learn to prepare Custom Image dataset.
  • Learn Image labelling / Annotation process.
  • Learn Tensorflow GPU/CPU installation.
  • Learn Annotation conversions.
  • Learn Model Training.
  • Learn Visualization of Trained model.
  • Learn Deployment of trained model on Android, Webserver, Webcam and Video feed.

Course Curriculum
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