A Framework For Simple Decision Making

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Good Decision Making & Problem Solving are key to business success.

Decisions in business take many forms. How should we

  • Develop our service offerings
  • Decide who to hire
  • Choose our next client market
  • ...and so on

The number one factor in destroying company value is bad decision making. Because it is hard to understand how one decision will affect everything else.

The key is to

  • Understand what you can and can not control
  • Consider all the moving parts that might change with each decision
  • Evaluate your options accurately

This course is a step by step guide in Problem Solving with simplicity.

The intro section will provide a detailed guide to what constitutes Decision Making, including the types of decision a business encounters.

We will then dive into the three areas of effective decision making in

  • Pre Game - understanding your current position
  • Gains - understanding the upsides to your decision options
  • Losses - understanding the downsides to your decision options

Finally, we will review how to use all of the above.

Basic knowledge
  • This course is for business owners, leaders, managers, and others who are responsible for signing off on decisions for the business strategy and plans

What will you learn
  • FIND YOUR OPTIONS in decision making
  • Know what you GAIN and what you LOSE with each decision
  • UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM from all its angles
  • LEAD YOUR TEAM in problem solving
  • MAKE A DECISION with data and confidence

Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 14 Total Duration: 00:51:13

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