Change Management: Design Successful Organizational Change. How to Engage People and Enhance Change Readiness

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How to Design Successful Organizational Change.

How to engage people and enhance change readiness: “Discover the 4 incentives to drive behavioral change for smooth transitions"

So here’s a quick overview of what you're going to learn in this course:

  • Section 1: discusses the dilemma of establishing engagement with all stakeholders, while achieving results
  • Section 2: gives understanding about challenging stakeholder behaviour in relation to change
  • Section 3: explains how to mobilize people towards ambitions by Enhancing Change Readiness
  • Section 4: shows you how to turn unwillingness into high engagement and achieve results by applying the 4 incentives to enhance change readiness
  • Section 5: elaborates on How to design a collaborative multi-perspective reality by applying the first incentive of Knowing, which leads to understanding
  • Section 6: explains How to design reflection, which is the second incentive, by which stakeholders become motivated to change
  • Section 7: is about How to design a creative and sense-making process that enhances stakeholder ownership by applying the third incentive of Willing, which leads to engagement
  • Section 8: is about How to build an infrastructure for change by applying the fourth incentive of Capable, which enables people to actually contribute to the change

Basic knowledge
  • Basic understanding of organizational change

What will you learn
  • How to Design Successful Organizational Change
  • How to engage people and enhance change readiness
  • Discover the 4 incentives to drive behavioural change for smooth transitions
  • Change management, the human factor
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 29 Total Duration: 01:38:54

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