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Best-Seller  GDPR certification Course!  Now Updated with Case Law

From international academic and Business School Professor.

Also top rated Instructor for engagement with students and most watched tutor. 

Decades of teaching and research experience.

Guaranteed high quality teaching and learning experience.


Are you/ do you want be get GDPR certification? Become or are a GDPR practioner?

Looking for a GDPR Foundation and understand EU GDPR regulations?

Then the amazing GDPR Course is THE one for you.

Hours of carefully crafted video with supporting animation. World Class Animation. 

Lifetime access so you can return to any video, at any time! WE add important Cases as they develop to ensure lifelong learning for you.



Just look at what our students tell us about this premium course on the General Data Protection Regulation:

  • I've tried other courses but this is more simple and concise, thank you
  • Truly awesome for someone wanting to grasp the basics of GDPR
  • Excellent course. straight to the point with real life examples to go
  • The quiz was super and helping to make sure I was on track. Thanks 
  • Great course for all levels and especially for those looking for a grounding in GDPR

The huge challenge of GDPR unravelled for YOU. 

Data Protection and Data Security Compliance Essentials for ALL no matter your job or line of work.

With massive fines you need to know about GDPR and not get left behind! Invest in your future

right NOW!

Open an additional career option in this fast paced world of Data Protection.

This Best-Seller Course lets you .....

Get started now, enrol in this NEW World-Class course that is really making waves in the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection World. Especially important for E-Commerce, E-Bay and similar sellers. GDPR is here.

Make sure you are compliant and meet your GDPR Compliance requirements. Course will help with CIPT and your CPD

Crucial for email lists and mailing. Make sure your mailing software such as MailChimp meets GDPR requirements to ensure Data Protection Compliance. ICO are the compliance GDPR regulators for the UK for example.

 Easily understood best selling, graphics and memorable course. 

The penalties for getting GDPR and Data Protection wrong are about to be massive with potentially dire consequences for YOU.

This affects almost everyone at work including those in non Data Protection and IT roles.

Such as HR professionals, marketing and Sales will all be in the firing line if the ask for the wrong data or handle it inappropriately.

Only be knowing about GDPR can you reduce the massive anxiety and stress it can cause all sorts of workers as well as Organisations and Entrepreneurs.

This Best Seller course comes with the GDPR Course Completion Certificate to show you completed the course and is ideal for your career portfolio and CPD purposes.


I am delighted to bring you this best selling and fully featured course and GDPR Certification Programme and am so proud of the success it enjoys. 

Over 30 years of teaching, writing of over 30 publications and training internationally gives you the confidence you need.

Thank you!

This is the latest information regarding GDPR.

Remember this course comes with 'LIFETIME ACCESS' giving you an amazing ongoing reference resource.

This crucial course teaches the fundamentals of the General Data Protection Regulation. This is EU wide Law

If you handle data or information at all, you need to know this.

Why is it THE PRIME Best Selling GDPR Course?

Simply, I designed this course and I teach it personally, so you get a course from an international teacher/ Professor who truly understands teaching and learning straight to your device, 24/7. 

You will see this in your results - this truly embeds learning and really makes a huge different to your confidence!

So whats all the fuss?

The General Data Protection Regulation is the biggest thing in Data Protection in Europe for over 20 years.

If you are in the USA or another country this IS for you too.

If you sell to any EU Citizens-no matter where you are located - online or offline you need to understand the GDPR and the huge global fines of up to 20 Million Euros that you could face!

In this online Best Seller class I explain GDPR is simple terms and tell you what you need to do and be careful about, to avoid massive penalties as well as possible Court action from the regulators and individual citizens of the EU.

Enroll now and put yourself in the top class of people within businesses who know about GDPR.

Join Team Premier now! You deserve the best.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Basic knowledge
  • There are not required knowledge or experience levels!
  • Jump in and learn now!

What will you learn
  • You will learn why GDPR is important
  • You will fully understand the essential language and definitions
  • You will be able to explain the 6 Principles of GDPR
  • You will be able to explain the extent of fines
  • You will be able to outline the variety of sanctions
  • Data Subject Rights and what they are
  • Data Protection Officer, what is the role and responsibilities?
  • You will be able to explain Privacy and Transparency and GDPR
  • Privacy Notices and what they contain
  • You will be able to explain both Data Subject Rights & the role of the DPO
  • Data held and how to protect it
  • Processing Data Lawfully is important and you will understand how this is done
  • Subject Data Access Requests, processes and how to handle these
  • Objecting to Data Processing
  • Data Profiling
  • Portability of data
  • Transferring outside the EU
  • Impact Assessments
  • Notification of data breaches
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 27 Total Duration: 02:19:30

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