Community Analysis: Funding, Access Factors, and Prep for Action

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MAWMedia Group sees community analysis as fundamentally different from market analysis. Though market analysis is an appropriate activity for both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprise, market analysis alone may not fully connect with the mission-mindedness of the not-for-profit organization. Community analysis can support knowledge of the community, its structures, and market opportunities, but the service mission of not-for-profits often focus more on service gaps, collaborations, and community impact in areas where for-profit entities do not perceive a market. For that reason, a community analysis may be more appropriate when the motivations are social good as primary and profit as secondary.

Secondary, but still important profit motive can be translated into sustainability for the social good you are performing through the business. This training operationalizes mission-driven community analysis in a way that illuminates vision, translates it into actionable goals, organizes groups for collective action, and evaluated both process and impact.

Basic knowledge

We achieve this through 3 products. You will have the ability to create the following after completing this training:

  • A case for social care including environmental practice, which explains cultural, health, economic, political, and technological impacts on individual choice behavior
  • A community analysis report complete with information from 6 distinct areas explaining the community you intend to analyze
  • A foundation for collective activity with proposed intervention goals attending to expansion, partnership, and convening considerations
  • An evaluation plan that included formative correction and summative innovation prompts, process mapping for replication, and impact evaluation for data-based storytelling

What will you learn
  • Define environmental practice by its 5 elements
  • Identify the community access factors as social determinants in community setting
  • Map the process of community analysis and the components of a community assessment report
  • Define collective impact in the context of community intervention
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 12 Total Duration: 00:45:46

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