Using Mathcad Prime

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You learn how to use Mathcad Prime, to use as a tool for doing any analysis requiring the use of equations without the need for pencil, paper and a calculator. The keyboard, mouse and the screen is all that is required. 

Basic knowledge
  • Mathcad Prime can be used by people of all ages and experience. So, to use this course no specific knowledge is needed as you taken from very elementary to as sophisticated as your imagination takes you

What will you learn
  • Exercise 00: Quick overview of Mathcad Prime and introduction to the screen layout
  • Exercise 01: Creating a variable
  • Exercise 02: Modifying a variable
  • Exercise 03: Using built-in functions
  • Exercise 04: Building equations
  • Exercise 05: Creating functions
  • Exercise 06: Basic programming
  • Exercise 07: Data structures (matrices)
  • Exercise 08: Extracting roots from a linear equation
  • Exercise 09: A simple technique for solving simultaneous equations
  • Exercise 10: Using units in equations
  • Exercise 11: Using built in constants
  • Exercise 12: Inserting text into your work
  • Exercise 13: Using MS Excel from within Mathcad Prime
  • Exercise 14: Using calculus in Mathcad Prime
  • Exercise 15: Plotting graphs
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 16 Total Duration: 02:01:13

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