Videographer's Boot Camp™-Basic Training

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This course is FOR the newbie who wants to make a career as a videographer. This course is NOT for intermediate and advanced students (although intermediate students will find useful information throughout the series.) Also, this series is about how to shoot professional video. We are not covering editing.

Do you love creating video? Do you want to learn what it takes to make a career as a videographer?

While technology changes, the basics of visual storytelling stay the same. Those basics include effective camera operation, creative lighting & clean audio recording. You'll learn all of that with this course. Believe it or not, many people already earning a living as videographers don't have these basics mastered so you can gain an advantage by learning what I teach you. After you have the knowledge and practice your craft, you can work as a freelance camera operator, works at a news station or a production company. You can even start your own production company!

NOTE: Since many jobs in the video industry are "run and gun"/ENG (Electronic News Gathering) we will be teaching camcorder type cameras with servo zoom lenses and NOT be discussing DSLR cameras with fixed focal length prime lenses. Also, we will not be teaching stabilizing devices, sliders, jibs, or drones.

Basic knowledge
  • You do not need any basic knowledge to take this course only a desire to to create compelling video!

What will you learn

Learn all the basics of professional videography equipment selection, how to shoot, lighting, recording professional audio, tips they don't teach you in school, and how to be a professional.

  • Learn what features you'll need in the equipment you buy or that you will encounter when working for a production company or news station
  • Learn all the basics of what to shoot & how to shoot to effectively tell a story
  • Become an artist by learning the effective use of lighting
  • Learn how to record clean, professional audio
  • Discover the tips & tricks of the trade that will make your professional life easier & help you overcome obstacles
  • Learn how to act like a professional and keep getting gigs
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