Team Me - Awaken the Warrior Archetype

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This course provides you with a specific, unique and powerful approach to strengthening the mindset of the Warrior.

Learning to adopt the Mental Focus, the Posture and the Language of the Warrior will strengthen you from the inside out and enable you to access hidden strengths from within.

As an executive, you must have the ability to tackle challenges and deliver the goods; to skillfully address the task at hand and complete the mission you have been assigned.

This program is designed for repeat usage so that you continually expand your mental and emotional capacities; becoming more tenacious and resilient in the face of every challenge before you.

Basic knowledge
  • You can start this course with no particular knowledge - accept a reasonable grasp of English

What will you learn
  • What Archetypes are and how they can help you massively boost your personal and professional performance
  • What makes the Warrior Archetype unique and why you might need it
  • The specific Mental Focus of the Warrior that leads to the results the Warrior achieves
  • The specific Posture that the Warrior takes as they face their challenges - the bodily and facial expressions that both reflect and help trigger their unique attitude
  • The specific Language patterns the Warrior uses (often unconsciously) to express the way they think and feel

Essentially, you'll learn how to face any situation more like a Warrior, and thus get more of a Warrior's results in life!

Course Curriculum
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