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Often people suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, drugs, or even addiction. We can help you overcome these challenges. This course will help you fight these problems and improve your mental health.

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  • Certificate on Completion
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Improve your mental health


This is a course design to empowers individuals who are currently dealing with mental health issues by teaching them how to correct and prevent Mood Disorders, it's for those that have not seen any improvement using conventional methods, which usually involve using pharmaceutical drugs a.k.a synthetic chemical compounds that never get to the root cause of the issue, but cause dangerous side effects because it involves foreign or man made chemicals being introduce inside the body and not the body's natural production of chemicals. Here students will be able to learn proven natural methods that have been used first hand to improve mental health of love ones. Students can find that they also have more privacy when improving their mental health using this course. In. addition many will enjoy that its much safer than using drugs and much more affordable.

Who this course is for:

  • People that are not seeing their mental health improve from using Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • People that are dealing with chronic stress
  • People dealing with Depression
  • People dealing with Anxiety
  • People dealing with low energy (burn out)
  • People dealing with Insomnia (can't sleep)
  • People that want a safer way to improve their mental health
  • People that want to empower themselves in their recovery of mental health
  • People that want a fast solution to improve that mental health

Basic knowledge
  • If your serious about overcoming Mental Illness so you not only improve your brain but your whole body health this is course for you

What will you learn
  • What is a Mood Disorder
  • Types of Mood Disorders
  • How do you get Mood Disorders
  • Self-Awareness and Diagnosis
  • Solutions Towards Different Types of Mood Disorder's
  • Herbal Supply Implementation
  • Actually steps used personally by instructor to improve mental illness
  • How Herbal Nootropics can improve Mental Health
  • What Organic fruits or vegetables help improve mental health through proper dieting
Course Curriculum
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