De-Stress Women Mental Wellness Course

Women often feel more stressed than men. It's because they suffer a lot of hormonal changes in their body. This course will help women how to overcome stress. This course is for men who would like to help their woman during stress.

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  • Self-paced with Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
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Help your woman overcome stress


"Where there is a Women, There is a Magic" Very truly quoted by by Ntozake Shange; one of the most beautiful, sensitive and gorgeous creation of God Women. Elegant in existence, Loving in nature, Caring by character, Powerful by conduct and Angel of Good-will by nature, women do form an essential and beautiful part of Humans on earth.

But Stress is like the

black cloud covering women-hood and eclipsing its Full potential power. Women

living in inequality and vivid roles that they play in their life leaves them

torn apart and lost in the world. Longing to find their own existential image.

Distorted and blurred by the Stress that accompanies the struggle to prove

herself,Women are lost in the world of depression, Stress and Anxiety.

This Women day I wish to

present them with an insight to overcome their limiting beliefs and once again

shine like the angel of God, getting free of the Stress and its effects away

from their lives and Let them rise as Beautifully as they are made for.

Happy International

Women's Day 2020

#IWD2020 #eachforequal

Basic knowledge
  • Become aware of Physical, Mental, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Problems related to this Stress

What will you learn
  • Stress and its impact in Women Stressors, Symptoms and effects of Stress in Women
  • Mechanism of Stress
  • Mechanism of how we Perceive and its relation to stress
  • Handling stress the NLP way
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 02:42:58

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