How to be an Expert Witness

This course will teach you how to be an expert witness. Learn how to write a medico-legal report that puts together terms and conditions.

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150 students in 28 countries!!!  In this course, I cover all aspects of work as an Expert Witness, otherwise referred to as Medico Legal work. From how to write a Medico Legal Report to how to put together your Terms and Conditions, this course will provide the potential expert with most of the information needed to begin their career as an Expert Witness.

With over 15 years in mental health work and over 7 years acting as a Medico Legal Professional, I hope to answer many of the questions that I had in the early days of Medico Legal Work, including:

  • What are the benefits of getting involved in Medico Legal work?
  • How do I Structure a Medico Legal Report?
  • What are the legal Requirements of me as an Expert Witness?
  • What Terms and Conditions should I have for my Medico Legal work?
  • What are some of the do's and dont's of Medico Legal Work?
  • How can I build my Medico Legal practise?
  • How do I manage the administration part of Medico Legal practise?
  • How do I keep up to date with the legal changes involved in Medico Legal Work?

Basic knowledge
  • Suitable for professionals who are considering providing their services as an Expert Witness

What will you learn
  • Write a structured, professional medico legal report
  • State the requirements of an Expert Witness
  • Understand the legal, ethical and professional demands of an Expert Witness
  • Understand how they can grow and develop their medico legal practise
  • Gain further information on how they can take care of their own needs whilst performing their duties as an Expert Witness
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