Learn about Attention Deficit Disorder

What is Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD/ADHD? Why is it important to understand? Understand the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and its common types.

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A brief introduction to Attention Deficit Disorder


This "Learn about Treatment for ADHD" course explains the causes, symptoms, and complex dynamics of ADD and ADHD and dispels many of the common myths about attention deficit disorder. It shows the research done at the Amen Clinic by Jef Gazley, M.S. LMFT with ADD patients and introduces ADD-Care® which is a natural alternative to the stimulants. This educational video also demonstrates the Six Types of ADD and how to treat each one of them. Find a solution for your ADD or ADHD symptoms with this excellent "Learn about Treatment for ADHD" course.

Basic knowledge
  • This course addresses ADD and ADHD in laymen's terms. It is excellent for friend family members and even co-workers as well as those who have ADD/ADHD

What will you learn
  • A clear concise explanation of ADD and ADHD with a visual explanation of research using Spect and Surface Brain Scans
  • Learn about the Six Types of ADD
  • Dispel the myths surrounding ADD and ADHD
  • Understand various treatments for ADD and ADHD
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