Postpandemic Love. The Undoing Effect

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Current pandemic has made an impact not only on physical well-being and mortality, but also on our mental health.

Recent studies have shown increases in the prevalence of depression and anxiety as well as increases in post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse worldwide.

Many people all over the globe have already experienced different kind of challenges like loss of closed ones, loss of job, loss of business, financial problems, relationship problems.

We all need positive emotions to undo the negative impact of the Covid19 crisis.

Discover the positive psychology techniques significantly improving your health.

Gain a deeper understanding of the origin and development of love as the strongest positive emotion. 

Love evolved hundreds of millions of years ago, in the time of the dinosaurs, and helped our mammalian ancestors survive.

What is the original form of love? Can you love unconditionally?

Gain insights from motherly and brotherly love.

According to the psychoanalyst and philosopher Erich Fromm love is not just a feeling but an action that requires discipline.

This course containing 15 lectures and 1,5 hours of video with elements of philosophy, psychology and science will walk you through the evolution of love. You will have an idea about various approaches to understanding love as an emotion, a union and a momentum. You will discover how to practice love in order to sustain a loving healthy relationship. You will gain a deeper understanding how positive emotions affect our health by co-experiencing emotions with others and creating emotional spirals.

By the end of the course you will feel more confident how to apply new skills and knowledge in order to undo the negative in Postpandemic times, feel healthier and develop a loving personality.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in positive psychology
  • Anyone interested in “undo” effect of positive emotions in a Postpandemic time
  • Anyone interested in improving health
  • Anyone interested in love as the strongest positive emotion
  • Anyone interested in sustaining a loving relationship
  • Anyone feeling depressed and lonely
  • Anyone interested in philosophy

Basic knowledge
  • Being flexible, open-minded., curious to discover something new in the spheres of philosophy, positive psychology, science

What will you learn
  • You will be covering the origin and development of love
  • You will gain ideas about various approaches to understanding love as the strongest positive emotion, a union, and a momentum
  • We will talk about the active character of love
  • You will gain ideas how to practice love in order to sustain a loving relationship
  • You will have more idea how to improve your health with help of positive psychology techniques in a Postpandemic time
Course Curriculum
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