Astonishing scriptures on faith for incredible you (Faith no. 1)

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We are all approaching the days of Armageddon

Who does not want to get ready for the last battle of humanity?

This does not mean only getting ready physically

But to prepare mentally, spiritually and mentally,

To know the scriptures on faith in God in the most effective way, to be part of the elite human and

To implement scriptures on faith and hope in our soals

So that we will be privileged to live eternal lives

That's exactly what "Astonishing scriptures on faith for incredible you" course does. You are welcome to join Us

Basic knowledge
  • This is the first course in a series of five courses
  • All around ancient texts written about 800 years ago teaching scriptures on faith in God. It is all based on the true story of a nation that converted to Judaism
  • There were deep discussions of the search for truth, scriptures on faith and love & bible verses about faith
  • They all found the great truth at the Hebrew nation understanding the Bible

What will you learn
  • The first step of Prophecy.
  • What is real Redemption?
  • The purpose of your life
  • Why do we need faith?
  • What is the foundation of true faith?
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 14 Total Duration: 00:57:07

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