How to Interpret Your Dreams

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Would you like to understand what your dreams really mean? This course will teach you how to start to understand your messages of the nighttime. If you are wondering why should I bother spending my time learning the mystery of my dreams? The reason is there is no denial in the dreamtime, only subconscious and spiritual truths. Your dreams help answer that famous question of who am I. While you are dreaming your dreams, you receive answers to your problems, warnings about possible health issues, what your heart truly desires, and other secrets that are locked within you. Wouldn’t you like to discover answers to these and much more?

Basic knowledge
  • An opened mind, a desire to comprehend your dream meanings, and a willingness to look within is all that is required for this course

What will you learn
  • First, you learn how to remember your dreams because you can’t do dream interpretation if you have no memory of them. Discover which type of dream journal works best for you. Understand why dream dictionaries and apps are too generic for your dream's true meaning. Explore dream symbols and how to identify your unique symbolism. Learn the different categories of dreams, to recognize what style of dream you had as this makes dream analysis so much easier. Lastly, find out things you can do during the day to help you on your journey of learning the secret language of dreams
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