Using Mindfulness Training As A Life Coaching Tool

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Finding Your Life Purpose So You Can Live a Life of Significance Requires Continual Review and Life Course Adjustments.

Whether you’re happy or you feel in a funk, the truth is that life gets a whole lot better as soon as you fill it with meaning.

That means finding your life’s purpose. Finding the thing that you’re passionate about. And then focusing on that.

In this course I will take you through the process of learning "Why Finding Your Purpose Changes

Everything", how to find more meaning in life. 

You will learn the importance of positive social interaction and how to manage social exchanges.

I will help you "Learn What You Stand For" and then how to conduct your life in harmony with your


And, all this is put together in a simple format that you can then use as refresher points to refer to when you are feeling an adjustment to your life is in order. In other words, your own personal

life coach.

There is much, much more so let's

get started!  

Basic knowledge
  • You should have a desire to change the way you feel about yourself and a stronger desire to do something about it

What will you learn
  • After completing this course you will look at your life in a totally different way. You will have a strong desire within you to make every day count for something good. You will look for those things in your life that are meaningless and learn to avoid them, concentrating on those things that add meaning to your life. Since your life is only yours then this course requires that you work to determine those things that bring meaning to you not things that bring meaning to those around you. Take the course and you will know what I mean
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