Ultimate Guide to Debugging in Unity

With this course, you will be able to overcome the frustration of discovering errors in your code and having to redo it. The knowledge gained here will help you identify and fix common Unity errors quickly and effectively. With the expertise it gives you at debugging, you will be able to write C# more quickly and effectively

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Do you get frustrated when you run into errors in your code? Do you spend countless hours staring at your computer only to find that you made a small oversight that broke your code? This course will teach you tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you to approach debugging in a strategic manner. No more guess and check or random deletion of buggy parts of code. You will be able to precisely narrow down the cause of an issue and fix it. This course will teach you how to save time by speeding up your debugging workflow using step-by-step techniques.

This course has two major parts. In the first part you will learn the basics of debugging and understand the tools that Unity provides you to track down and fix errors. In the second part of the course, you will learn about common errors and how to fix them. We will go through step-by-step looking at each error type, possible causes, and debugging checklist to narrow down the issue. Then I will go through hands-on examples in Unity showing an application of the techniques taught. It’s not about memorizing how to solve each error, it is about understanding the mentality of debugging and applying what you know to each situation.

Are you ready to become a master of debugging and speed up your development time in Unity? This Ultimate Guide to Debugging in Unity will get you there.

Who is the target audience?

  • Any Unity developer looking to speed up their development time
  • Anyone who gets frustrated at errors in their code
  • Developers who want to learn proven, step-by-step techniques to identify and fix errors
  • Unity programmers who want to become proficient using the debugging tools Unity provides

Basic knowledge
  • Unity (Free)
  • Some Unity C# knowledge

What will you learn
  • Be able to identify and fix common Unity errors quickly and effectively
  • Approach tough errors with a step-by-step strategy leading to the solution
  • Understand the debugging tools that Unity provides and use them to your advantage
  • Have hands-on experience fixing errors mimicking real-world scenarios
  • Be able to write C# code quicker and with less bugs
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 34 Total Duration: 01:12:42

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