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The subject of this course is the poetic, experimental and collective film and video making. It will focus on the methods and results of avant-garde, independent, experimental, artistic and critical film and video productions as alternative to commercial productions that are widespread in film industry. The students will be encouraged to think productively, abstractly, visually and poetically. Students will learn about experimental and collective film and video making. The course will focus on simplifying the visual composition and the components in the scene. The course will encourage students to express themselves with very limited visual elements. The students will be introduced to avant-garde, independent, experimental, artistic and innovative film and video production.

The relations between stage, picture, costume, space, time, image and motion will be discussed in this course. The participants will have to plan, design and choose the following elements: image / picture, costume, music, sound, time and space, which would have symbolical, ironical, political, ideological, dramatic, comical meaning when they are presented together in a simple moving picture project. They will have the print out the image as big as it should be so that it can be seen in the frame and determine the costumes of the people who will carry the image. The students should decide where, when and how to shoot the people who will carry the images and what the actors / actresses will be wearing in terms of their costumes and make up. In these decisions, the meanings, which will be created through the elements, should be considered in detail in terms of aesthetical and formal unity, visual and symbolical interaction, poetic meaning, political or ideological connotations, ramifications and potential audio-visual projections. The musical and audio-visual materials to be used in the projects should be cleared off the rights, and participants should be careful about using original pictures, images, sounds and music. We look forward to seeing your creative works.

Basic knowledge

Theoretical parts:

  • All you need is a computer

Practicing parts:

  • Camera
  • A good resolution image on a board, at least A3 dimension
  • At least one person to carry the image
  • Costume for the person
  • Sound 
  • A background image

What will you learn
  • 2 hours of content!
  • The theoretical background of an experimental project
  • Learn to develop a short experimental video project theoretically
  • Learn to apply your ideas of experiment in the form of a video project
  • Create a good resolution image for a video project
  • How to choose a costume for a video project
  • How to choose a sound for a video project
  • How to choose and create a background image for a video project
  • Learn to design a video project without the necessity of editing
  • Learn about light decisions for a short video project
  • Experiment with pictures for a video
  • Discuss your experimental project and obtain feedback
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 15 Total Duration: 02:26:20

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