911 Detox for Optimal Living

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Have you ever been on a DIET? Of course you have! So you’ll probably agree that diets rarely work for long term weight loss. When you were in your 20s, you probably ate ‘less’ and moved ‘more.’ But as you get older, no matter how hard you train, you don’t seem to get the same results. You get trapped in what I call “the yo-yo cycle”. You can cut down on food and increase exercise, but the results are not there like they were years ago when you were ‘young and strong’. In order to counter this effect and help you get rid of unwanted belly fat (and keep it off for good), you need to address the root causes - internal organ function.

The best way to approach weight loss is to;

  • Clean your body internally
  • Introduce nutrient-dense foods into your daily meal plan. Over the years of practice, I found a blue print to burn belly fat and increase energy levels in less time for optimal living

My “911 Detox for Optimal Living” course will guide you on this journey and introduce you to the concepts of:

  • How to detox
  • Choosing the right detox foods
  • Simple and effective detox recipes • post-detox plans... plus numerous other invaluable and informative tidbits to help make your journey as painless as possible

Who need this course

  • If you can’t go through your day without coffee and caffeinated drinks
  • If you feel sluggish and/or need nap after your meals
  • If you crave for sweet, pizza, pasta, bread or any other processed carbohydrates
  • If you have sinus allergies
  • If you have ongoing fatigue
  • If you catch colds and flu easily
  • If you are depressed and not motivated for anything and everything
  • If you have bad PMS symptoms (female)
  • If you crave salty foods such as chips, fries, and cheese products in the evening after work or late nights
  • If you’ve tried multiple commercial diets, but in the end gained back weights with interest (extra 5-10pounds) - stuck in that vicious up-and-down cycle
  • If you’ve experienced ongoing constipation for many years
  • If you are looking for sustainable energy, high quality sleep, mental clarity, and physical strength, 911 Detox for Optimal Living might be the solution for you!

Basic knowledge
  • You don't need nutrition knowledge nor cooking skills but your willingness to learn and execute the plan. If you don't have a blender or a juicer, get a decent one!

What will you learn
  • How to detox your body from the inside and out in just 21 days
  • How to chose the right foods to support the liver functions
  • How to chose the right herbs, spices, and vitamins for effective liver detox pathway
  • How to make easy and yummy detox foods
  • How to reset your hormone balance gradually after coming out of the detox plan
  • How to select the right macro-nutrients and portions for optimal living
  • Have a healthy & lasting relationship with food to stay fit for life
  • How to make simple and delicious foods for your new lifestyle
Course Curriculum
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