Emacs Tutorial for Beginners

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Emacs is a Text Editor which can morphed into any tool. Everything can be done inside it and can be done using only keyboard. Great coders hardly ever use the mouse. They do everything with the keyboard. They use shortcuts and some tricks to type less and generate more in less time. And that is what this course is all about. Watch 50% of entire course for Free.

In this course I share with you lots of shortcuts and tricks in Emacs that help you create and modify text files for code, create presentations ,publish journals & books.

This course also helps, if you're someone switching from vim because we cover Spacemacs in this tutorial.

Ideal Student

This course is for anyone looking to improve computer productivity, emacs hacking and mainly targeted towards:

Computer Science Students & Pros in all fields

Professors & Researchers


The course can be covered by students using Linux or Windows OS.

Who this course is for:

  • Computer Science Students & Professionals
  • Research scholars
  • Writers
  • Professors

Basic knowledge
  • PC with Internet Connection
  • Linux or Windows OS
  • Knowing to Touch Type is a big plus

What will you learn

In particular, you'll learn

  • How to setup emacs for any task by installing packages
  • How to do work across different tasks inside emacs faster using editing shortcuts
  • Learn to use Spacemacs to help solve problems seen in Emacs or help switch from vim
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Number of Lectures: 13 Total Duration: 01:59:53

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