Violin Karate 1: White Belt

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Hello, and welcome to Violin Karate! If you've never played violin before but you'd like to learn, you're in the right place! This course will set you up well to continue your studies of classical violin, fiddle, pop, rock, jazz or any style of violin you'd like to play. With 12 lessons and example videos, you can level up your violin skills in just a few, fun minutes a day!

  • Violin Karate 1: White Belt is designed to get you up and running, playing your first song, as soon as possible. Check out the other levels to continue your journey!

Acclaimed multi-style violin and fiddle teacher Caroline McCaskey has decades of experiences starting beginners of all ages in a fun and engaging way, and setting them up for success in a lifetime of music making. Her background and training in the Suzuki method, teaching students ages 2 to 85, means she knows what WORKS. Rather than inundate you with absolutely everything there is to know, Caroline shows you only what you need to get you up and running. Violin can be difficult - why make it confusing by showing you stuff you don't need? (Of course if you have questions, be sure to ask!) **There are no filler lectures or boring exercises in this course - learn everything you need to know by playing songs!**

If you look forward to practicing, you're more likely to do it! 

Disclaimer: please note, this course is not designed to teach you how to do karate with your instrument. (We do not condone violin violence.) The belt system is used here simply as a fun framework to measure all the progress you'll be making! Let's start playing today! See you inside!

Basic knowledge
  • This course is designed for absolute beginners. You should have a violin, bow, shoulder rest and rosin before you begin

What will you learn
  • How to hold the instrument and bow
  • How to get a good sound, and what to do if it's not working
  • How to place and work with your fingers correctly
  • Fundamentals of good violin technique - essential lessons in every song!
  • Lots and lots of fun classical, folk and children's songs. Perfect for all ages!

Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 13 Total Duration: 00:34:39

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