Taming the E-mail Beast Using MS Outlook and/or Gmail

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  • Does any of this describe you???
  • Has email gotten IN THE WAY of your productivity, instead of helping your productivity?
  • Are you checking email SO OFTEN it has you highly distracted and “scatterbrained”?
  • Are you also reading the same messages OVER AND OVER again, doing nothing with them?
  • Are you “getting lost” in your inbox, missing important messages, tasks, and responsibilities?
  • Are you simply having problems finding your messages when you need them?
  • And are you simply struggling to keep up with the heavy flow of messages coming in?

Finally, do you just know you are missing out on powerful time-saving, productivity-enhancing tools inside your Outlook and/or Gmail email software?

If so, I CAN HELP!

My name is Randy Dean, MBA, and I am popularly known as The E-mail Sanity Expert(R)Over the last 15 years, I have delivered literally hundreds of live speaking and training programs for thousands of busy working professionals for major corporations, top universities, and governmental agencies all over the United States Canada, and Europe, helping people become much better at e-mail management. I am the author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the Email Beast, and have spent virtually all of my time since releasing that book crisscrossing North America (and sometimes Europe!), showing people how to reduce email distraction, regain their email productivity, and once again find their email and professional sanity!

And I JUST RECENTLY updated this program to feature the latest versions of MS Outlook (Local Client Version -- formerly Outlook 16/19) and Gmail (in the Chrome browser.)

Basic knowledge

As the leading email management expert, I can help you relieve your email pain:

  • I show clear and easy strategies for getting more efficient when processing your messages, using oft hidden yet highly useful productivity tools inside of Outlook and Gmail that help you keep your inbox clean and under control
  • These same strategies inherently reduce your email distraction, keeping you from reading the same messages over and over again and duplicating much of your work
  • But I also show how you can be quickly notified when you receive your most important messages from your most important people
  • And, I also explain how to better manage your email both at the start of the day and throughout the day so you can get back to people quickly if needed, but also so you can find significantly more time each day for your most important projects, clients, activities, and events. I am going to get email out of your way so you can get done what really needs to be done!
  • I even show you how to automate some of your outgoing messages, both enhancing your email efficiency, as well as improving the quality of your communications over time!
  • And, I will help you to get much more organized, so you can quickly and efficiently find messages when you need them without having a bunch of distracting clutter in your inbox
  • And, when you complete this program and my additional bonus materials included in this course, you will likely be the “resident e-mail efficiency expert” in your company, team, or office. You will simply know tons of useful Outlook and Gmail tips, tools, and techniques that will start saving you time immediately
  • One major university client found that those taking my course saved more than two hours per week -- that is per employee! That is like finding two weeks of unused vacation per year!

SOMETHING BRAND NEW: I have also added a new "Post-Program Interactive Self-Study" PDF File. This file will reiterate key points in the webinar video replays, as well as add a deeper layer of content, including links to related articles, book suggestions by other authors, and links through to several short YouTube tutorials. I recommend you first go through one of the video replays above to understand the key concepts, and then really master your new skills by going through this Post-Program Self-Study PDF. 

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What will you learn


Look at everything you can learn in this program:

In this powerful 90 minute webinar replay, you can learn the basics of effective e-mail management using either MS Outlook and/or Gmail (with all software demos recently updated). In a quick self-study single session (plus several valuable bonuses!), you can dramatically improve your e-mail management, processing, and efficiency skills!

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Taming the E-mail Beast Using MS Outlook and/or Gmail: Key Strategies for Managing Your E-mail Overload

This is Randy Dean's most popular course based on his Amazon e-mail bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast. He has taught this same course at major corporations, top universities, at national conferences and conventions, and for state and federal government agencies for thousands of working professionals all over the United States, Canada, and Europe -- often multiple times for the same client organization so they can get more of their people to follow Randy's critical e-mail management strategies.

Here is the program description: 

We live in a world with far too many inputs, distractions, and e-mails. And too many professionals are struggling to keep up, feeling helpless as they lose control of their inbox. In this program, Randy Dean, MBA, The E-mail Sanity Expert (R), will teach you strategies for better managing your e-mail overload, including strategies for better prioritizing incoming e-mails, converting e-mails into calendar, task, and/or contact items, reducing e-mail distraction, and automating certain e-mail actions for better efficiency. He'll also show a handy strategy for automating some of your outgoing e-mails, and even just small parts of e-mails. Attendees to this session walk out with tangible skills and techniques for gaining efficiency and productivity with e-mail, with specific technology demonstrations provided in the two market-leading software programs: MS Outlook and Gmail (although users of just about any e-mail software tool will benefit!). 

At the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of e-mail & information overload in today's workplace
  • Have a strategy for "splitting" work, personal, and junk/spam e-mails for greater efficiency
  • Use a very simple "rule" for managing all incoming e-mail that allows for both greater speed and prioritization of those messages and embedded tasks
  • Learn how to convert e-mails quickly into tasks, contacts, and calendar items
  • Use embedded functions inside of your e-mail that allow you to "automate" certain common activities/messages
  • Build a personal file "infrastructure" that can assist in achieving greater organization and possibly even "e-mail ZERO"!
  • Reduce distraction by identifying most important senders, removing frequent spammers, and more.

We will cover all of this and more, helping you and your team to greatly increase your productivity by enhancing your communication efficiency and productivity and reducing your email distraction. Join us on this important topic at your convenience, accessing the program at any time convenient to you.

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