Dysfunctional Families & How to Be a Better Parent

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Dysfunctional families cause children to become dysfunctional which results in dysfunctional adults, marriage, and society. Most of the abuse, chemical dependence, and violence in the world can be traced back to this problem. If we learn how to make our families healthier these problems can dissolve.

The first section of this course teaches what shame bound dysfunctional family rules are and how these rules are perpetuated. The shame/control/ release addictive cycle is delineated. Alternative healthy family rules are offered.

Poor parenting causes children to lose heart and become discouraged. They have a tendency to either give up or become defiant. They later replicate how they were treated and the cycle of dysfunctional families continues.

The second section of this lecture teaches how children think differently than adults in many ways although they are also quite similar. It describes in detail the principles of healthy and unhealthy parenting.

Who this course is for:

  • General Audiences
  • Professionals and Students of the Psychology Field
  • Self-help Seekers

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What will you learn
  • Learn about shame bound family rules
  • Learn about how the internalized voices create low self-esteem
  • Learn about the shame/control/release addictive cycle
  • Learn about spontaneous hypnotic age regression
  • Learn about healthy family rules
  • Learn about how children think differently than adults
  • Learn the characteristics of good parenting
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Samira Bouhli – December 21, 2020